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Quadrant Financial Group LLC has an experienced staff of Series 27 and 28 professionals and accountants who can serve as the Financial and Operations Principal (FINOP), Principal Financial Officer (PFO), and/or Principal Operations Officer (POO) on behalf of your firm, or assist your internal employees with full accounting, record keeping, and regulatory matters.

Securities rules require each broker-dealer to employ and designate a qualified PFO, POO, and FINOP that is responsible for supervising the firm’s financial books and records and ensuring compliance with net capital requirements. Outsourcing some or all of these roles can be a cost effective way to fulfill these roles if your firm has limited head count. The responsibilities of each of these roles is detailed in FINRA Regulatory Notice 17-30.

Although registered investment advisers are not always subject to capital requirements, the SEC and state regulators require accurate financial records. Our staff can support your CFO and help maintain your firm’s financial records.

Our Financial Services include the following:

  • Register a Series 27 or 28 as your Financial and Operations Principal
  • File monthly or quarterly FOCUS reports
  • Compute net capital
  • File SSOI
  • File Form Custody
  • File annual audit
  • File SIPC Reports
  • Prepare the general ledger, trial balance, statement of income, and balance sheet
  • Reconcile bank and clearing firm statements
  • Review expense sharing agreements
  • Communicate with the annual auditor
  • Liaison with FINRA Staff
  • Schedule periodic meetings with senior management

How Can We Help?

Get in touch with us to learn how our team of experienced compliance & accounting professionals, and former SEC and FINRA regulators, can ensure you reach your goals.

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